Ranger QCT

Check Valves

The MS Check Valve incorporates a metal to metal seal for high pressure/high temperature environments where elastomer seals cannot be used. Primary applications for the MS Check Valve are high-pressure mud choke manifolds and high pressure Christmas tree injection and kill lines.

2296 & 2296HF

WKM Model M Pow-R-Seal Gate Valve

The Cameron Model M Pow-R-Seal gate valve features an expanding, wedge-type gate; a non-rising stem; and metal-to-metal seal technology throughout. It provides safe, dependable service in applications from 2000 to 5000 psi, and is available in sizes between 2-1/16” and 4-1/16”, with either flanged, threaded or clamp-hub end connections.


FL Gate Valve

The Cameron FL gate valve is the standard product offering for 5000-psi (345-bar) working pressure. It has served the industry with distinction for many years across a range of application types worldwide, and is well tested, both in assembly and component qualification testing.


FLS Gate Valve

The FLS gate valve is part of the F Series of valves, which have been supplied for production and drilling service since 1958. Many of the features of the FLS are common to our original Type F gate valve, such as full- and internally flushed-bore, forged construction; metal-to-metal sealing; a slab gate; and design simplicity


FLS-S Gate Valve

The Cameron FLS-S gate valve was designed for API 6A application using features from our FLS gate valve model, including forged construction, metal-to-metal sealing, a slab-style gate, a stem seal, and the seat design. The feature most beneficial of the FLS-S split gate design is the ability to perform a single dual-seat seal test.