Swiss Fluid

Swiss Fluid Ball Valves

SBV Ball Valves

Main Features
• Two-piece body, metal-to-metal joint
• Anchored lining with positive locking to body
• Dynamic, maintenance-free shaft sealing acc. to TA-Luft
• One-piece ball/shaft, blow out proof, core of SS Duplex
• Rated breaking point outside of valve
• Bodies with optional flange connections PN40
• Ball options such as V-port, C-port, with pressure relief hole
• ISO top flange for direct mounting of pneum. quarter turn actuators

SSP Sight Glasses 

Main Features
• Heavy-duty, proven construction –
• Horizontal or vertical installation
• For liquids, gases and steam
• Large observation opening
• Standard drip ledge indicating even lowest flow

SBC Ball Check Valves

SBC Ball Check Valves

Main Features
• Heavy-duty, proven construction, maintenance-free
• No need of additional flange gaskets due to wide and chambered flange sealing surface
• Solid PTFE or hollow balls, guides PTFE-R
• Standard drip ledge
• Large observation opening

SBP Butterfly Valve

SBP Butterfly Valve

Main Features
•Large selection of different materials and trims
• Dynamic, live loaded stem seal according to TA-Luft
• Flow-optimized disc for high cv values
• Mechanically locked in disc encapsulation
• Blow-out proof one-piece disc/stem assembly
• Disc features a rated breaking-point outside the atmospheric seal
• Wide, chambered flange face
• Hysteresis free throttling characteristic
• ISO mounting flange for direct automation

SSV-B Sampling Ball Valves

Main Features
• Body lined or fully made of stainless steel
• Easy and safe operation, nonpressurized sampling
• Horizontal or vertical installation
• Defined sampling volume
• Extraction of smallest samples
• Full port design, easy cleaning (piggable)
• Sampling from vacuum systems
• Interruption of system pressure through pressure lock
• Valve unit for vertical sampling
• Simple automation with time control
• Sampling unit for installation onto vessels