All thermocouple elements (unless other wise specified) are constructed using a metallic sheath and high purity mineral oxide insulation. This provides a rugged and bendable design that exceeds the temperature rating of non noble metal calibrations.


Temperature Transmitters

Temperature transmitters can accept an input from thermocouples or RTDs and produce an analog or digital output. All outputs are linear with temperature. The instrument can be programmed using software (easily downloaded to your personal computer) or a common handheld programming device. A five year warranty is standard on all transmitters.


Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) Sensors

Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) Sensors are constructed using thin film technology. Thin film elements are made by depositing platinum or nickel on a substrate and trimming to the desired resistance.


Industrial Assemblies

In most process applications the temperature sensor is inserted into a thermowell or protection tube. This protects the sensor from its environment and facilitates easy removal and replacement.

Easidew TX I.S.Dew-Point Transmitter


Proper temperature element protection starts with the selection of the thermowell or protection tube. A thermowell protects the temperature sensor from process conditions such as pressure, flow induced forces and chemical effects.

Easidew TX I.S.Dew-Point Transmitter


From our rugged explosion proof head used in hazardous locations to our water resistant head that provides a weather tight seal or our plastic design that can withstand caustic wash downs for ClP and sanitary applications.