Model 3812 Two-Path

Designed for reliable measurement, minimal maintenance and ease of operation, the 3812 Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Meter is a cost-effective metering solution for many applications in the petrochemical, oil, water and wastewater industries.


Model 3814 Four-Path

The new Daniel 3814 Four-Path Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meter ensures highly accurate, repeatable measurement in accordance with API Chapter 5.8 and OIML R117. It features exceptional rangeability and linearity throughout the flow range to minimize lost and unaccounted for liquid hydrocarbons.


Dual-Configuration Model 3818

With a completely redundant 4-path, multi-plane configuration that is the equivalent of two 4-path meters in a single body, the Daniel 3818 Ultrasonic Meter utilizes two independent transmitters—one for each set of four chordal paths.