8705 Flanged Sensors

The Rosemount 8705 flanged sensors are fabricated from stainless and carbon steel and welded to provide a hermetic seal that protects against moisture and other contaminants. The sealed housing ensures maximum sensor reliability by protecting all internal components and wiring from the most hostile environments


8721 Hygienic Sensor and Sanitary Flowmeter

The Rosemount 8721 Hygienic Magnetic Sensor is specifically designed for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications that require a reliable, safe, and hygienic design.


8750W Magnetic Flowmeter for Utility Water Applications

Performance, reliability and intelligent diagnostics make Rosemount Flowmeters the superior solution designed specifically for utility flow measurement. The easy-to-use, robust design provides the reliability and accuracy you need to keep your process running.


Positive Displacement Flow Meters

Sparling’s inventory of Oval positive displacement meters are designed for flow measurement of very small flow rates in applications requiring high accuracy.


Sparling TigermagEP Electromagnetic Flow Meter

TigermagEP meters are robust, versatile and excel in measuring the flow of conductive liquids in full, closed pipes. The TigermagEP is available in a wide range of sizes.