DYNATORQUE D-Lock Automated Valve Locking Device

Quarter-Turn Industrial Worm-Gear Operators

The DYNATORQUE quarter-turn industrial worm-gear operators are designed for use with valves and dampers, as well as most other quarter-turn applications requiring a self-locking mechanism..

DYNATORQUE Quarter Turn AWWA Worm Gear Operators

Series BG Multiturn Bevel Gear Operators

The DYNATORQUE Series BG multiturn bevel gear operators provide smooth, even torque transmission for thrust and non-thrust applications such as gate, knife gate, pinch, sluice gate or globe valves.

Motorized/Process Control

Motorized/Process Control

Cameron MAXTORQUE gears feature patented AutoLock technology that allows for high-performance worm gear solutions with the self-locking characteristics of conventional gearboxes.